Seven years i spend i the Amazon. First in Ecuador but mostly in Peru. The reason was to learn what had been forgotten among my own people. In the End of my time in the Amazon, i was employed as a Shaman on a Healing Center there.

Apart from that journey there has been a lot of traveling. Like for example Greenland, Patagonia, Mongolia and Holland.

The biggest driving force to make these journeys has been to find and visit places with understroyed Nature and people that lives in harmony with the Nature that surrounds them.

Other trips has been to spread knowledge from these places and people. Like Indigenous Wisdom and Shamanism. Those are two things that can’t be seperated. What makes more than anything else an indigenous people indigenous, is the spiritual connection to the land they live on. Another name for that is Shamanism.

Many trips to hold seminars, lectures, ceremonies and healings has been to Holland. Like amongst other things as an elder at the Kiva/Kule Gathering.